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Local church works to make a difference for Ukrainian orphans

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A local church continues its efforts to make a difference in the lives of Ukrainian orphans.

Bridges of Faith ministry is hosting 11 orphans through the month of August.

Friday, the group visited the McWane Science Center.

For a moment the kids had a chance to be what they're best at – kids.

But Buffey Bobbitt, program director for Bridges of Faith said the kids life is a difficult one in the orphanage.

"Even while the girls are in the orphanages traffickers go into the orphanages and they shop for the girls," said Bobbitt.

Since 2010 the group welcomes Ukrainian orphans three times a year.

Bobbitt said life for these kids is a grim one.

She said more than 60% of the orphaned girls are led into prostitution and the outcome for the boys isn't any better.

"If they aren't rescued from the orphanages their life consist of mostly drug trade, mafia, prison. 10% commit suicide. Only 10% out of these orphanages face what you and I would consider a reasonable life," said Bobbitt.

Through a cultural exchange the kids come to the states and visit for about a month.

It's in that time volunteers hope other people will see the joy they bring and offer a new way of life for them.

"We introduce them to America culture. Take them on field trips. Give them English lessons all that kind of stuff and people fall in love with them, like Buffey was saying and up to 80% of them have been getting adopted as a result of that," said Jennifer Taylor with Bridges of Faith.

The group of eleven children will stay in Alabama until the end of August.

The next group will come in around mid-December.

If you would like to learn how to help or get involved with Bridges of Faith log onto their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/BridgesofFaith or call Buffey Bobbitt at 334-717-0098.

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