A public education is far from a free education

The Costs of Public School Education

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In this country, public schools get their funding from the government and taxpayers like you. But public education is far from a FREE education.

When students register for school in some counties they are assessed "fees" at registration. Charleston County assesses a fee at registration between $25 and $45.

In Dorchester District 2, that fee is $20 per student. The Berkeley County school district says they don't charge a registration fee.

School supplies is another expense that parents have to bear.

Schools place lists of supplies that the students will need to bring with them to class.

A cursory glance at all the items on a school supply list for a Cane Bay Middle schooler in Berkeley County revealed that students would need flash drives, composition books, binders, and much more.

The grand total for those supplies was $79.42!

Lunch is also an expense that has to be worked into a families budget.

Berkeley County lunches are a $1.25 a day which works out to be about $225 a year.

Dorchester District 2 is a little more between $1.70 and $1.80 a day; $306 to $324 a year.

Charleston County has the most expensive lunch in the tri-county area.

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