Thousands show up for First Day Festival

Thousands show up for First Day Festival

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Sunday, thousands of families showed up for the 12th annual First Day Festival at Liberty Square in Charleston.

The festival helps parents and children get school supplies as well as other enjoy other activities.

Families flocked to tents which included information on how to be a supportive parent and how kids can eat healthy.

The festival also had games, activities and music for children, as well as boat rides and free visits to the aquarium.

With thousands of families coming out to Liberty square, Charleston Mayor Joe Riley said he believes Charleston has the biggest First Day Festival in the nation.

"It's just another way for children to feel the support of the community because the most important thing in the community is the education of our children, and we want them to know that," Riley said.

Both Charleston and Dorchester counties will start back school Monday and Berkeley County go back on Tuesday.

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