Unclaimed Cash - August 18

Unclaimed Cash - August 18

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - You have Unclaimed Cash!!!

What is Unclaimed Cash, and why do you have money that you don't know about?

Companies that owe you money, but can't find you after a certain length of time, are required to turn that money over to the State Treasurer's Office.

It could be money from a utility deposit, rental deposit, insurance company or retirement investment. Below, find your name and a link to a website and/or phone number, to start the process of claiming your

Unclaimed Cash.

Name                                                          Property ID Number

Terry Christy - Charleston                            1437456

Christy Givens - Walterboro                         1620297

Betty Council - Ridgeville                              2437413

Thomas H. Garbrick - Bonneau                     1888505

Ralph L. Bell - Harleyville                              2471194

Priscilla Sampson - Ruffin                              1301128

James Blue - Seabrook                                 2316685

Francis T. Elmore - St. Helena                      1588709

Walter Hurell - Andrews                               1234426

Mary G. Tinman - North Charleston              1541281

To claim your money at the State Treasurer's Office, click the link:

You may also call the State Treasurer's Office at 803-737-4771.

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