Charleston County Superintendent visits schools during first day

Charleston County Superintendent visits schools during first day

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - For the first day of school Monday, Charleston County Superintendent Dr. Nancy McGinley visited five schools around the county including three new schools.


said when she goes to schools she looks at any problems with the buildings and schools that may not have enough teachers.

She said while the first day is busy, it's also exciting.

"I passed probably 50 bus stops this morning and saw parents and dogs and people taking pictures of the children on their first day," M
McKinleysaid. "It's a time for new beginnings."

This year the district hired more than 350 new teachers and has 10 new principal. Sullivan's Island Elementary School was one of the new schools Mc
McKinleyisited today.

The new school has views of the beach and a cafeteria where food is made from scratch. It also has new technology including smart boards and tablets for everyone.

"Smart boards and iPads, they're not just replacement for notebooks or white board or chalk board," the school's principal Susan King said. "They actually will change the way the students learn and teachers instruct. They've got the research tools and collaboration tools right at their fingertips."

The school was controversial even before it was built because some residents said at 74,000 square feet, it was too big for the small community. King said she's focused starting a new chapter for the school.

"The first day is always gratifying to see how excited children are to come into school but this has been my best first day ever," King said.

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