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Dog on the mend after being left in dumpster


A little dog is on the mend after what animal control officials call a heartbreaking ordeal. The Yorkie was found in a dumpster, but work is underway to ensure a better life for him.

At the Animal Hospital in Clarksville, it's all gentle embraces and kind words for the dog the staff has come to know as Oscar.

"He's a wonderful little dog," said Montgomery County Animal Control director Tim Clifton.

"It makes you sick to your stomach," added veterinarian Stephanie Ware. "It makes you want to just go home and cry. It's awful, some of the things we see."

Surrounded by treats and people who care, Oscar's world is a far cry from where he was found on Monday, on Summer Street inside a dumpster.

Residents said Oscar was found when a maintenance worker opened the lid of the dumpster and found Oscar inside.

"There he was covered in oil, grease and filth," said Clifton. "He smelled like four days of bad trash. He had wounds around his neck. He had puncture wounds around his neck. He also had a broken jaw that had to be wired together."

A neighbor told Channel 4 Oscar had been attacked by another dog and the owner thought he was dead when she put him in the dumpster. The neighbor declined to identify that owner, and no charges have been filed.

"He's definitely going to have a better life from here on out," said Clifton.

Clifton said that's already starting with close to $2,000 raised in a GoFundMe account to pay for more surgeries. Oscar will stay with Ware until a permanent home can be found where he'll have those same gentle embraces and kind words.

"Sometimes you see the best animals get the worst treatment," said Ware. "They still love everybody. He's happy to be loved. That's all he ever wanted, and now he's going to be able to have that."

"He's just a champ," added Clifton. "He's just a great, great little boy."

You can go to Oscar's GoFundMe page through http://www.gofundme.com/da81gk.

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