Mt. Pleasant to vote on new housing development

Mt. Pleasant to vote on new housing development

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Monday night, the Mount Pleasant Board of Zoning Appeals will vote on a rule variance or exception on a new housing development.

The development would replace four duplexes on Shem Drive with 12 new homes. The plans include a 17-unit multi-family option, too.

Mark Knowles lives in one of the duplexes now and found out about the new development once the city put notice signs in his front yard.

"It was really sad especially after seeing some of the other stuff that's being built around here," Knowles said. "They're kind of destroying the Mt. Pleasant area."

Knowles says besides being almost twice as tall as anything else on the street, the new homes would create traffic.

"I don't like to think of another 40 parking spaces and cars up and down there," Knowles said. "We have enough."

The project is in front of the BZA because the developer wants to only have driveways in the front of the buildings with no back access, which is against the town's laws.

The plans have gone in front of the BZA before but the vote was tied. If the variance is approved, the plans will go to the planning commission for preliminary approval.

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