Keeping kids energized with a simple snack after school

VIDEO: Keeping kids energized with healthy snacks

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - When your student comes home from school, MUSC Sodexo Dietician Debbie Petitpain says they need an energizing snack.

Petitpain says instead of going for cookies and ice cream reach for healthier options.

"Try to get something that's just as nutritious as you would serve at lunchtime just a little bit more fun," Petitpain said.

In addition to traditional items like air-popped popcorn and pretzel sticks, Petitpain said you can also have a tray of fruits and veggies already cut and in the fridge. You can even make your own ranch dip to dunk the vegetables into with just some plain greek yogurt mixed with a packet of ranch seasoning.

For a sweet dip for fruit use Greek yogurt mixed with honey.

"Kids love to dip guacamole, hummus, ranch and salsa and you can have a variety of fruits and veggies your kids can dunk in there," Petitpain said.

Simple meat and cheese roll ups or even mini pizzas on a whole wheat bagel can help fuel your child after school.

Another option is making a big batch of tail mix with whole grain cereal, dried fruit and nuts.

"It also allows your child that transition or that break from the academic setting to being at home before they sit down to do their

homework," Petitpain said.

Whatever you choose, Petipain says to make sure to provide a snack that has some protein, fiber, or bulk, so it sticks around until mealtime.

"So you want to have something planned out for them so they are not just ravishing the kitchen then at dinnertime they are not hungry," Petitpain said.

Petipain warns to watch out for snacks high in sugar or caffeine because they may make you feel better for a little while but will lead to a crash that makes you feel tired.

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