Mt. Pleasant leaders considering ways to ease traffic

Mt. Pleasant leaders considering ways to ease traffic

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Planners are bracing for more people to move east of the Cooper, and that means more traffic congestion. Town leaders want to get a handle on traffic now before it gets any worse.

Mayor Linda Page and many of the council members have ideas that they think will help ease congestion and also slow traffic on streets that have gotten busier.

"It definitely seems to be getting busier," said Courtney Buxton, a Mt. Pleasant resident.

In Oakhaven, off Rifle Range Road, neighbors are noticing a lot more traffic. They said one addition has made it more manageable.

"Those roundabouts just make everything so much simpler," said Larry Brewer.

"As soon as they put it in, it got better," said Deirdre Brith. "The traffic is much more improved with it."

Speed humps are another feature Mayor Linda Page says neighborhoods like Cooper Estates and Old village have adopted. But not everyone is a fan.

"Terrible idea," said Brewer. "It's silly. I don't know who invented them but take them away and give me the roundabouts."

"I think it sometimes causes the cars to go faster depending on who is driving because they like to go over the speed hasn't worked in our neighborhood," said Maggie Fleming.

"I avoid all roads that have speed bumps on them," said Rob Johnson.

Mount Pleasant Town Council is also considering adding raised medians to busier roads, which some residents feel will not only help with traffic but also beautify certain busy streets.

"It kinda makes it a pain going into different shopping centers," said Johnson.

"I think anything to slow traffic down and keep our kids and our families safe would be great," said Fleming.

Most we spoke with agreed that regardless of any added efforts town leaders make to ease traffic, it's in Mount Pleasant and it's here to stay.

"I think it's just an inevitable part of more people wanting to live here," said Buxton.

Council members are also working with CARTA to enhance their public transportation options in hopes of getting more people off the road to also help with the congestion.

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