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Mt. Pleasant residents suggest ideas for Waterfront Park, 245 acres along Rifle Range Road


On Wednesday, Mt. Pleasant residents gave their input on the future of two recreational areas in Mt. Pleasant: Memorial Waterfront Park and a few hundred acres of land along Rifle Range Road that was bought four years ago.

The public brainstormed many ideas for two recreational spaces in Mt. Pleasant. The first on the agenda was 245 acres between Six Mile and Hamlin Roads along Rifle Range Road. It's a jointly owned property between Mt. Pleasant and Charleston County.

"It's a good amount of land, and we believe that if done properly and designed properly, we believe that it could be one of the most special parks in all of South Carolina,” says town administrator Eric DeMoura.

Among the most popular ideas were multipurpose fields, a large sports complex and bike and walking paths. Coaches and parents say there aren't enough recreational resources.

“The biggest thing is, simply, that we are bottle-necked,” explains Matt Job, executive director of SC United Mt. Pleasant Soccer Club. “We are to the point where the demand is higher than the resources provided."

"We do not have enough soccer fields,” says Rhonda Sanders, a parent. We are playing on tennis courts and basketball courts for practice. We have a whole fall schedule. We don't even have a place to play our games."

For phase 2 of the Memorial Waterfront Park, expanding the playground and an amphitheater were high on the list.

"An outdoor amphitheater would be a great addition to our town,” says resident Dodie Rodgers. “It would benefit not only young children who want to perform on stage, but also older people who want to attend a concert."

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