Local gun shop owner: Fatal Arizona shooting shouldn't keep guns from kids

Local gun shop owner: Fatal Arizona shooting shouldn't keep guns from kids

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - A Ladson gun shop owner says the fatal shooting of a gun instructor in Arizona by his nine-year-old student should not fuel debate to take guns out of the hands of children.

The young girl was firing an Uzi pistol. The recoil sent the gun upward and the instructor was shot in the head and killed.

ATP Gun Shop president Arlyn Pendergast says the nine year old should not have been allowed to shoot such a powerful gun because it is so hard to control.

"When you're shooting and the gun is is starting to raise or whip around really bad," said Pendergast. "The nine-year-old was innocent. It was the person controlling the gun that lost control of the gun."

Pendergast says the girl should have been shooting a full sized Uzi.

He says it's a lot easier to control.

We went to ATP's gun range for a demonstration of a shooting lesson.

Pendergast says the instructor should always be right next to the student.

"The only thing I'm watching is where the barrel is pointing because no matter what you shoot down there is replaceable. If it starts going like this and you haven't let go, I grab it and bring it back down to here so it's pointing this way."

Pendergast says the deadly shooting at the Arizona gun range was a tragic accident and says all gun owners can learn a lesson when it comes to teaching kids.

"Bring them shooting, teach them to do the proper things to do with the gun," he said.

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