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Local activist on curbing violence: This is about personal and parental responsibility


Activists held a community ‘call to action' rally and prayer vigil Thursday evening at North Charleston's Riverfront Park.

Organizer Aisha Thurston says this is not about pointing fingers at agencies or organizations. She says this is about personal and parental responsibility. Thurston and activist Thomas Dixon say little will be accomplished if people do not visibly unite against violence.

"To break the cycle of violence, it starts right at home,” says Minister Aisha Thurston. “We have to learn how to say no to our children. We have to set boundaries for our children and boundaries for ourselves, and, also, we have to stop turning a blind eye to crime."

"We need the Christian population or whatever religious population to get up off their knees after they finish praying and get out into the streets and affect change in the community,” says Pastor Thomas Dixon. “The bad guys out here who are doing wrong, they would not continue to do wrong if they saw people that were standing up telling them we're not going to have this anymore."

Vigils will be held the last Thursday of every month, at least through the fall, at the River Front Park.

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