Lowcountry motorcycle club hosts free event for veterans

Lowcountry motorcycle club hosts free event for veterans

Serving those who've served.

Over the weekend, local motorcycle club Warhorse Brotherhood MC teamed up with Lowcountry Harley-Davidson to offer a one-stop-shop of support and resources for area veterans.

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - The event, held early Saturday, was nearly a washout, after a thunderstorm tore through many vendor's supplies, causing several to leave.

Warhorse President Randy Kent, also a retired naval officer, was determined to go on.

"Our goal is if at the end of this day, one person leaves with the information that he or she needs, to provide whatever help, grants, educational benefits that they need, we've had a good day."

And so they did.

On the second floor of the North Charleston motorcycle dealership, area veterans support groups lined the room, with help services ranging from education, job training, family support, and counseling.

Cheryl May-Walker, who worked the room with husband William, a serviceman of 21 years, said gaining access to military services presents its share of challenges.

"I wouldn't say its difficult, but sometimes it can be time consuming if you don't know where to start," she said.

Kent first came up with the idea to host a free information expo, after watching a friend and fellow serviceman spiral out of control, in the midst of a battle with PTSD.

"We found that there were several organizations locally that could have rendered him some aid, if only he had known about that," he said.

Saturday's Free Information Expo was the second annual for the group.  Kent says their eventual goal is to challenge other veterans clubs across the United States to do the same.

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