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Dispatch tapes: Authorities move mortally wounded deputy in dangerous circumstances


Newly released dispatch tapes of a deadly shooting at a West Ashley apartment complex Monday showed that authorities had to take careful measures to move a mortally wounded deputy to an ambulance because of the possibility of more gunfire. 

That's according to just released dispatch tapes of the incident at the Gardens on Carriage Lane.

“Shots fired, shots fired, shots fired, all units respond,” one deputy is heard saying over his radio.

“We've got officers down, officers down, officers down. EMS, we need EMS, we got two down,” another deputy is heard saying.

Then dispatchers learn that Deputy Joe Matuskovic has been shot.

“173's been shot in the stomach, we need EMS up here,” a deputy says over the radio.

“Is it 10-4 for EMS to come up,” someone asks.

“If the scene's not clear you need to drag him and move him to EMS,” an official says.

“He's unresponsive right now,” a deputy at the scene says.

“Pick him up and carry him, get him to EMS if that scene's not clear. They're not gonna come in here,” a deputy responds.

A deputy says the suspect is still shooting.

“He's shooting through the wall,” a deputy on the scene says.

Deputy Matuskovic was pronounced dead at MUSC.

Deputy Michael Ackerman was shot in the leg. He is recovering from his wounds.

The suspect, 38-year-old Michael Oswald, was later found dead in his apartment.

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