Domestic Violence workshops helps women leave abusive relationships

Domestic Violence workshops helps women leave abusive relationships

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Saturday, dozens of women took part in a domestic violence workshop in North Charleston.

The event was for both mothers and daughters and included separate sessions for adults, teenagers, and even children as young at six.

The program's organizers said it's important for children to learn at an early age that domestic violence isn't acceptable and how to protect themselves.

Speakers at the event said South Carolina ranked at the top of the nation for domestic violence and Charleston ranked second in the state.

Speakers said the important thing for women to know is that no abusive relationship is worth staying in.

"I don't want to be judgmental, but I would say get out while you can," Edith Miller, Executive Director of Choice's Women's Center said. "We know a lot of women have been killed in these relationships, so if you feel threatened, if you feel uncomfortable, then you need to get out while you can."

Elizabeth Johnson said while she was never hit in her relationship, she was verbally abused and decided to leave for both herself and her daughter.

"For me, getting out of that relationship was more important so she could see that mommy was strong enough to leave and instill in her that you don't have to be with someone who is going to verbally abuse you," Johnson said.

Another big issue discussed at the program was that many women don't leave simply because they don't know about all of the resources available to them and they've set a goal to raise more awareness for those programs.

Women's organizations at the program include: Choice's Women's Center, My Sister's House, and One Powerful Force.

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