Charleston Startup Weekend turns ideas into businesses

Charleston Startup Weekend turns ideas into businesses

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - This weekend, 131 people participated in Charleston's first Startup Weekend.

The program brings people together to try to turn an idea into a company in 54 hours.

Friday night, the participants submitted ideas and then voted on which ideas they thought were best. Once it was narrowed down to 16 ideas, people were free to join whatever team they wanted and start building a company.

"My team was formed from people I didn't know before at all," Kerranna Williamson, a team leader said. "We're just people who share an interest in a concept."

Williamson's team is creating an application that would allow property managers or home owners to unlock their doors using their phones.

"If the bug man comes and I'm at work and I don't want to be at home for a 12-hour period," Williamson said. "When he arrives, he can request access and then through his phone, he now has a time frame he's allowed to enter the house."

36 percent of the teams in other startup weekends have become companies.

In a recent startup weekend in Tampa, a team created a company that got bought by TicketMaster.

"In just under 20 months they went from idea to acquisition," John Rossi, a Startup Weekend facilitator said. "It's success stories like that that really show that this concept works."

The winners of the event will get sponsorship money from local organizations including $2,500 for the first place team, but any team is allowed to continue working on their idea and company.

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