Unclaimed Cash September 22

Unclaimed Cash September 22

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - You have Unclaimed Cash!!!

September 22, 2014

What is Unclaimed Cash, and why do you have money that you don't know about?

Companies that owe you money, but can't find you after a certain length of time, are required to turn that money over to the State Treasurer's Office.

It could be money from a utility deposit, rental deposit, insurance company or retirement investment. Below, find your name and a link to a website and/or phone number, to start the process of claiming your Unclaimed Cash.

NAME                                                               PROPERTY ID #

Tom Warner - Mount Pleasant                           1674701

Esther C. Washington - Sullivan's Island            1875200

Eric L. Rosedale - Charleston                             1290739

Jeffrey Ross - Pawleys Island                             1927516

Ethel R. Hiatt - Walterboro                                   2400731

Donald K. Blake - Bluffton                                    1086213

Donald L. McConaughy - Summerville                1045385

James McFarland - Moncks Corner                     1045541

Carroll Norwood - Bonneau                                  1660323

Michael Dangerfield - Bonneau                             1728947

To claim your money at the State Treasurer's Office, click the link:


You may also call the State Treasurer's Office at 803-737-4771.

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