TRENDING: Baby Gosling, Aziz gets the SNL treatment & 'Zoolander 2'

TRENDING: Baby Gosling, Aziz gets the SNL treatment & 'Zoolander 2'

This morning, Facebook is buzzing about a new bundle of joy in Hollywood, an "SNL" impression of a South Carolina comic, and a sequel to a cult classic.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have yet to officially announce the birth of their baby, but E Online is reporting the couple welcomed a baby girl Friday, September 12th. The actors are very private about their personal lives, and never actually confirmed Mendes was pregnant--so it may be awhile before we know the baby's name.

Fans of South Carolina native and comedian Aziz Ansari know he has a style all his own. Even he couldn't escape a "Saturday Night Live" parody! But the impression of the "Parks and Rec" star never made it to air! In a recent interview with Conan O'Brien, former "SNL" cast member Nasim Pedrad revealed she pushed for the sketch -- but it never made the cut. Luckily, conan had the hilarious clip. Pedrad won't be returning to the sketch comedy show this season, so this may be the only Aziz we see from her.

"Zoolander" fans, it's time to practice your best "Blue Steel" and "Magnum" poses! Looks like the highly anticipated sequel is finally officially in the works. According to the New York Post, in a recent interview, Will Ferrell said the cast is supposed to do a read-through of the sequel script soon, meaning Ferrell is returning as fashion designer "Mugatu." The original film debuted in 2001. Star Ben Stiller, better known as Derek Zoolander, says the sequel has taken so long because he wanted to get it right! The new film will see Derek and Hansel (played by Owen Wilson) competing against younger models to stay in the business.

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