Riding out the flood: Wakeboarders call street stunts 'controlled chaos'

Riding out the flood: Wakeboarders call street stunts 'controlled chaos'

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - When a heavy rainstorm hits, most people around the Lowcountry run for cover. That's not the case for a group of local wakeboarders who take it as a chance to use the empty streets as their playground. Tuesday they filmed their stunts on a flooded street in Downtown Charleston and in just 24 hours, the video has been viewed by over 60,000 times.

"The streets are flooded anyway what else are you going to do on that street other than wakeboard on it," said Wesley Mark Jacobsen, Charleston native.

Jacobsen is a professional wakeboarder, sponsored by Parrot Surf Shop, Mystz, Slingshot Wakeboards and Shred Ready Helmets. He said does his favorite sport every chance he gets, rain or shine.

"If it starts raining, I'm going to hit up my homey Davey Blair and get him stoked on the session," said Jacobsen. "He's right behind me with everything we need to make it happen."

Davey Blair, a professional kite boarder and owner of Chucktown Inc., has his truck set up with a winch. It's basically a motored towing device. Blair said they used a large corrugated pipe and some wood to support it. From there they added a trash can and a cone.

They use a winch, a motorized towing device, mounted to the back of Blair's truck. Their latest street wake boarding session was caught on camera.

"Luckily, Adam Boozer showed up trudging down the street with his backpack on, full of camera equipment," said Jacobsen.

Jacobsen and Blair said they had no idea video of them wakeboarding the flooded streets of Downtown Charleston would go viral.

"It blew me away the response we got from it," said Jacobsen. "So far the reaction has been nothing but positive from the city."

In less than 24 hours, the video has been viewed thousands of times and that number is still growing.

"It's just really cool to have the whole community so stoked on something that comes very naturally to us," said Blair.

Jacobsen and Blair said they hope their video encourages others to get involved in the sport, but they warn to leave the streets stunts to the professionals.

"It's a very controlled chaos," said Blair. "We are very much professionals, we wouldn't be trying this at home kids."

Jacobsen said they're going to be making more videos. So, the next time it's flooding in Downtown Charleston, don't be surprised if you spot a group of wakeboarders in the street.

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