Charleston City Council to vote on making Cannon and Spring streets two-way

Charleston City Council to vote on making Cannon and Spring streets two-way

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Sunday, people who live and work on Spring and Cannon streets in downtown Charleston voiced their support for turning the one-way streets into two-way streets.

Tuesday, city council could give the green light on a $4.2 million contract to make the streets two-way streets. The city's planning director, Tim Keane, said the project won't make the area more congested but will force cars to slow down, something neighbors are happy about.

"Almost no one seems to go the speed limit," Jeff Worrall, who lives on Cannon Street said. "For young kids and a lot of the dogs that we have running around here, it'll be nice to slow the traffic down."

Both Cannon and Spring streets used to be two-way streets but were changed to one-way streets in the 1970s to bring people in and out of downtown.

While people working and living on the streets were in favor of the change, they were also concerned about the width of the streets.

"I think it's just big enough to fit it," Worrall said. "I'm sure they'll have a way to make it work, but it is a little bit narrow."

"The street is pretty narrow so it might be pretty tough for two-way traffic to get back and forth," Ali Durant, who lives on Spring Street said.

"You have traffic going both ways, so you'll have issues with mirrors getting ripped off or people getting out of their vehicles," James Groetzinger, who owns Warehouse on Spring Street, said.

Jessica Wilkie owns Sweet and Savory on Spring and hopes the change will mean more business.

"We only get one-way traffic," Wilkie said. "It's harder for people coming from West Ashley or James Island to get directly to my business. I think it'll be a great thing if they do make it two-way."

As part of the project, the city also plans to fix up the two streets by repaving sidewalks, adding trees and putting in new stoplights. If approved the change would be completed at the end of next year. The city also has plans to turn both Coming and St. Phillip south of Calhoun Street into two-way streets in the future.

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