Summerville convenience store near middle school fights for beer and wine license

Video: Summerville convenience store near school fights for beer and wine license

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Anger and anxiety are growing over a Summerville convenience store working towards a permit to sell beer and wine. Mia Quickstop, which opened in April, is across the street from Alston Middle School on Highway 78, and while neighbors are upset, the owner isn't backing down.

Louis Smith is the executive director of the Community Resource Center in Summerville and has been leading the petition against Mia Quickstop acquiring a license to sell beer and wine.

"Selling beer and wine there is totally unacceptable."

The store owner's request for a beer and wine license was denied after 37 protests were filed with the South Carolina Department of Revenue. His attorney says he is appealing the decision. According to the department, that's normal protocol when public protests are submitted.

In South Carolina, there are restrictions for selling liquor near schools, playgrounds and churches, however, those limitations do not exist when it comes to selling beer and wine.

The code regarding liquor licenses reads: The department shall not grant or issue any license provided for in this article or Article 7 of this chapter, if the place of business is within three hundred feet of any church, school, or playground situated within a municipality or within five hundred feet of any church, school, or playground situated outside of a municipality.

"By law, he will be in full compliance, but, also, there should be one of community, and I feel he has failed this 100%," says Smith.

He says a solution was presented.

"We offered them a compromise, and that compromise was not to sell beer and wine in the morning hours when the kids are going to school and in the afternoon hours when they are coming home, but they rejected that compromise."

In a statement to Live 5 News, the attorney said "the owner has declined to accept that offer in that part of the time frame would include the afternoon commute home."

The hearing to appeal the decision is scheduled for October 2 at 10 a.m.