Weather and wrecks plague Lowcountry drivers

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston Emergency Management asked drivers to take their time and use caution when traveling around the city Monday.

Traffic was a mess Monday morning, backed up with several wrecks, and lots of minor flooding in the Tri-county.

Flooded streets are common in downtown Charleston.

"The water is ridiculous," said Debbi Davis.

Davis is no stranger to water getting in her way.

"The flooding has gotten worse and worse over the last 10 years," said Davis, "Fix the flooding everybody, before you worry about all this other stuff."

Monday, the property owner just so happens to be dealing with ankle deep water on Ashley Avenue.

"We've had so much in the news about closing the bar restaurants, and that business generates revenue; this flooding affects everybody all the time," said Davis.

But she knows it's to be expected.

"It is part of life. I understand it to a degree, but it's getting worse and worse and worse, so there's something that needs to be done," said Davis.

Sandy Rief, says the rain hasn't caused her any issues.

"No, it's fun for me because it's so different," said Rief.

With umbrella in hand, Rief isn't the only one making the best out of this gloomy weather.

"It's still been pretty good, surprised how busy it is with the rain. There's still quite a few people out," said Curtis Rhodes.

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