Dorchester District Two parents have more complaints about school busses

Dorchester District Two parents have more complaints about school busses

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Wednesday, a Dorchester District Two school board candidate sounded off as parents continue to complain of issues with the Durham School Services buses.

"This has been going on now for approximately six weeks," Louis Smith, the DD2 school board candidate, said. "People are fed up."

Timothy Grant is one of the parents having issues with buses in Dorchester District Two.

"The buses are overcrowded," Grant said. "They school even admitted themselves they tried to talk to Durham about splitting up the specific route because there's too many kids on the bus."

Live 5 News reached out to Ron Wilson, Durham School Services Regional Manager, but employees at Durham were unable to locate him and no voicemails were returned.

Grant says he's had a similar experience trying to talk to the company.

"I tried to speak to Durham, but it's hard to get in touch with somebody and then when you do they all say they'll get back to you and they never return your call," Grant said.

Smith said the district has done a good job by offering more money to drivers and said the real blame falls on Durham.

"Durham needs to step up to the plate and answer those questions that we as taxpayers want to know: How long will it be before they fix the problem," Smith said. "How many students are affected by this and how many schools will be affected by this"?

Smith says there's a simple solution.

"We leave Durham and go back to the old model that was in place for years."

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