Injured Charleston County deputy thanks community for support

VIDEO: Injured Charleston County deputy thanks community for support

WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - A volunteer effort by Lowcountry law enforcement agencies, the Fraternal Order of Police, the Knights of Columbus, and members of the public cooked up lots of support for two deputies involved in a deadly shootout last month.

Organizers say more than 80 pounds of pasta, 1200 meatballs, and plenty of other donated food and drinks were being sold to benefit the family of fallen deputy Joseph Matuskovic, while aiming to help injured deputy Michael Ackerman with his recovery.

The event, held at Saint Joseph Catholic Church in West Ashley drew a good size crowd that paid ten dollars per ticket with a chance to take part in a silent auction.

It was also a chance for supporters to help rally both families in person with Deputy Ackerman in attendance.

Deputy Ackerman says he's grateful, "It helps me and it helps my family."

Ackerman remains in a cast as he recovers from being shot in the leg following the September 2014 incident at the Gardens of Ashley River apartments.

The deputy's cast was made up to honor Deputy Matuskovic. It features Batman's symbol, Matuskovic's favorite superhero and his badge number, 173.

Ackerman had trouble putting into words his colleague's impact on the community, "The tremendous outpouring of support that has been shown to the Matuskovic family, his children, and his friends and partners is pretty much an illustration of what he meant to this community."

Deputy Ackerman says in the coming weeks he hopes to begin rehabbing his leg and hopes to be back in uniform.

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