Woman injured in haunted house at Boone Hall Plantation

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - A 24-year-old woman was injured Friday night in a haunted house at Boone Hall Plantation.

Dream Vision Entertainment, the company in charge of Fright Nights at Boone Hall, say an actor jumped out from behind a steel beam that stands vertically. Officials say the beam then fell, hitting the woman in the head.

The woman suffered a minor concussion and received stitches, but officials say she is okay.

Dream Vision Entertainment say they have reinforced the beam so that it is more secure.

Boone Hall Plantation closed at the time of the incident, but has since been reopened.

Boone Hall Plantation released a statement Sunday night on the incident.

It reads in full:

"The safety of the patrons who attend special events at Boone Hall is our highest priority and we sincerely regret that this unfortunate incident occurred. We have been assured by Dream Vision Entertainment , the company who has successfully designed and managed this event at Boone Hall since 2009, that all the attractions are inspected for safety of operation on a daily basis, and that additional safety measures have been put in place with the particular part of the attraction where this incident occurred."