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Video chat with a doctor: New technology unveiled at local VA hospital


The number of doctors treating patients in critical care at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center has spiked. That's because doctors from Ohio will now be able treat patients in Charleston through a video camera.

The VA hospital unveiled the new technology Tuesday that allows medical experts to talk to ICU patients in real time.

With just the press of a button, a doctor appears on the monitor in the patient's hospital room, in seconds. The doctor can then speak directly with the patients, family members and nurses.

The two-way video chat allows the doctor to supervise the patients condition. The doctor will also having instant access to their clinical data and vitals.

The experts are available 24/7 out of the VA hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio,

Doctors say it will be especially beneficial when it's eventually used in more rural veterans hospitals, where a critical care expert is not always immediately available.

This is going to be the third teleICU in the southeast region. At other hospitals veterans have responded very well to it, the doctors say.

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