Cops: Couple injured after woman uses sword to kick boyfriend out of apartment

Cops: Couple injured after woman uses sword to kick boyfriend out of apartment

WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - Investigators say a 30-year-old woman is behind bars for injuring her boyfriend after she took out a sword to kick him out of a West Ashley apartment.

The Charleston Police Department charged Marquita Swanigan with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

On Sunday night, police responded to an apartment on Proximity Drive for a report of a physical altercation involving a knife.

Police met with Swanigan who said she called police after she and her 22-year-old boyfriend got into a "scuffle." Officers reported that they saw several spots of fresh blood on Swanigan as they were talking to her.

Swanigan said it all started when she got upset with the victim for his "inability to clean," and the verbal altercation escalated to "wrestling." When officers asked Swanigan about the blood on her, she said during the scuffle she must have cut herself on a piece of furniture, and said no knife was involved and there was no cut.

A Charleston police report states that Swanigan was being "intentionally vague," and officers saw a small 1-inch cut between her thumb and finger. Authorities say Swanigan declined EMS treatment.

According to police, when officers asked where the victim was, Swanigan said she had just wanted him to leave, and he left the apartment following the fight.

Officers found the victim running down Proximity Drive in a construction zone. Police say the victim was running without a shirt and speaking on a phone saying,"Momma come get me!!"

Police say the victim was also suffering from a cut to his finger, and was bleeding.

According to the victim, he and Swanigan were in a verbal fight and he was told to get out. The victim said as he was collecting an overnight bag, he felt a sharp point press into his back.

When he turned around, he said he saw Swanigan holding a 3-foot sword, and pointing it in his direction. The victim told investigators that Swanigan then said,"I'll kill you, Get out of my house!!"

A police report states the victim feared for his life and attempted to disarm her. The victim said while he attempted to get the sword from Swanigan's hands, he received a cut to his hand.

The victim told investigators that the sword was discarded into Swanigan's daughter's room; police say there was no one inside the room at the time of the incident.

When officers asked Swanigan if she owned a sword, she said she did and brought police into her daughter's room where the weapon was laying without a sheath on the floor; Swanigan said the fight between the victim and herself was in the living room.

Swanigan was then arrested and locked up at the Al Cannon Detention Center.

The victim declined medical treatment.

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