Mt. Pleasant police using new ways to alert community

Mt. Pleasant police using new ways to alert community

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The Mount Pleasant Police Department is using new ways to keep the community safe.

They can send crime alerts and neighborhood watch information through

, a social networking site for neighborhoods.

Community members say they are benefiting from the partnership.

"I'm a mom, need to protect my kids," said Melinda Immelman.

Immelman lives by the saying "safety in numbers."

"I started to build a Facebook page for our neighborhood, but had concerns because not everyone's on Facebook," said Immelman.

Instead, Immelman set up an account through


"I believe it was the end of August," said Immelman.

It's a free social networking site for neighborhoods.

Immelman said, "It's just a way for our neighborhood to connect and communicate."

Community members are able to post messages and so nearly 130 have already signed up.

"That's Darrel Creek and Commonwealth, which are right here together," said Immelman.

The Mount Pleasant Police Department is also onboard and Immelman is excited.

They can now send out alerts to people in any neighborhood in their area who have signed up.

Immelman said, "I felt like if there's something going on in my neighborhood, at least i'll know."

The department is actually the first government agency in the state to team up with


"There was a suspect I think that robbed a Waffle House in the area last week, and then they let us know as soon as he got arrested. It's good to know that, he's out there, and two he's been caught," said Immelman.

Besides safety, Immelman also uses Next Door to advertise events.

They had fun in pink, all for a good cause.

"We called it "Pink Neck;" it was to raise money for breast cancer awareness," said Immelman.

Immelman says her community is more like a family now, and she's hoping for more to join in.

"I would like to have every household because that just brings us together," said Immelman.

So far more than 250 neighborhoods in the Charleston area are using

. The site got started three years ago, and now there are more than 44,000 neighborhood websites in all 50 states.

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