Plan for overpass on Hwy 52 pending extension of penny sales tax

Plan for overpass on Hwy 52 pending extension of penny sales tax


Major road improvements could be on the way in Berkeley County, including the biggest intersection in Goose Creek.

A plan for an overpass on Highway 52 at Saint James Avenue is now in the works.

It's one of the many projects in the Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce's campaign for voters to extend the penny sales tax.

"Most of us know that as the big intersection,” said Goose Creek Mayor Michael Heitzler.

It's where highway 52 intersects 176, also known as Saint James Avenue.

Heitzler said, "You just sit and you just waste fuel."

The mayor is hoping an overpass on Highway 52 could speed up the flow of traffic.

"And so there wouldn't be a need for a stop light or signalization there. People on 52, which is the heaviest traveled road would just continue without stopping to leave or to enter Berkeley County,” said Heitzler.

The mayor is envisioning something like what's in Mount Pleasant as Highway 17 crosses over Bowman Road.

Referring to Highway 52, Heitzler said, "That big intersection is in the geographic center of the Tri-County area, and it's at the front door of Charleston County and Berkeley County."

Right now drivers are seeing signs reading “

.”  It's a push by the Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce for voters to extend the penny sales tax.

The chamber says Highway 17A, also known as Main Street is a roadway that was improved with money used from the previous sales tax.

"Not only do we have roads that need to be maintained more effectively such as pot holes, but we need to expand the system,” said Heitzler.

The system upgrades don't only include major roads, but also smaller secondary roads like Henry Brown Boulevard.

Officials with the chamber of commerce say the county is part of the 12th fastest-growing metropolitan area in America, and the extension of the sales tax is needed more than ever.

Mayor Heitzler says an overpass on Highway 52 is one of the projects that could affect the future of his city.

"This will be pulling the plug and opening the flow of traffic for all the counties and an essential improvement,” said Heitzler.

On the

, community members in Berkeley County will be asked to vote on local questions 1 and 2 on November 4th.

The chamber says all of the money will be used to fix roads in the county. Projects on

include street resurfacing, intersection improvements and the widening of roads.

The county is looking to collect around $230 million in revenue if the penny sales tax is extended. ?

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