Mt. Pleasant losing $5 million per year on recreation services

Mount Pleasant losing $5 million/year on recreation services.

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - At Tuesday night's meeting, the Mount Pleasant Town Council also voted against raising fees for recreation services like swimming lessons, gyms, and the city's senior center.

The town spends $7 million each year on the services and brings in $2 million in revenue, leaving a large gap. The jump in fees would have helped recover at least some of that, according to councilman Elton Carrier.

The biggest jump in costs would've been the town's senior center, moving from $100 dollars per year to $125.

The council said it was worried that increase would hurt fixed-income seniors, but at least fixed income senior at the center said he approved of the increase in fees.

Council members said they will now go square one to figure out a new solution earning more money.

At the same meeting, the council approved putting a new $630,000 round-a-bout at the Park West Boulevard and Bessemer Road intersection.

The residential intersection is heavily traveled but only has one stop sign right now.

The city considered added a stoplight to help with traffic because it was $90,000 cheaper that the traffic circle, but residents said the stoplight would not look as good in the area.

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