Berkeley County Schools prepare for the worst with active shooter training

If disaster strikes at a school, emergency responders and school officials want to be ready.

That's why Berkeley County Schools went on lockdown this morning, to brush up on their response to a crisis.

It started with a gunman walking in through the double doors of Westview Middle School, the main entrance of the school, with a plastic gun.

After 911 was called, Westview Elementary, Primary and Middle Schools all went on lockdown.

The students stayed inside their classrooms and were told it was a drill.

Goose Creek Police Department and Berkeley County Emergency Preparedness officials all responded and searched the empty hallways for the suspect.

They created a scenario as if two shots were fired.

The search lasted about 15 minutes. The gunman was found at the end of a main hallway and the drill was complete.

It was practice in case a crisis one day threatens the schools.

"We've never had any terrible incidences on any of our campuses," said Berkeley County School Public Information Officer Chip Sturgis. "But, we want to make sure that we are better prepared in case there is something."

The drill was a test for people inside the school and those responding to the crisis.

"Training for everyone, so we're all training together and all getting to know each other and working on our policies," said Sturgis.

In the end, the police department was pleased and comforted knowing the district is better prepared for the worst case scenario.

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