Hurricane's impact draws surfers to Folly's Washout, rip currents a concern

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Big crowds headed out Friday to the eastern part of Folly Beach, known by surfers as "The Washout."

Bad weather in Bermuda transformed Lowcountry waters into a surfer's paradise.

"Five out of five boards of fun," exclaimed excited surfer Jacqueline Eckert.

The high waves were a somewhat rare site for "Washout" faithful.

"It's pretty flat most of the time, but whenever there's a storm off the coast gotta get out here," says surfer Mike Smith.

Surfers say the crowd got so big earlier in the day that parking became an obstacle for some. However, a different, more dangerous trouble remained throughout the day, rip currents.

Eckert made sure she wasn't alone when she and her board hit the water.

"I think the tide's a lot stronger with the wind. Definitely want to come out with friends."

Smith advises, "just gotta be cautious, be aware of your surroundings."

"I got caught in a couple of rip currents, but as long as you got a board, something to float on your good", says another surfer.

Smith has another word of advice for anyone planning on enjoying the positive impact of Hurricane Gonzalo this weekend at "The Washout", "if you're not an experienced surfer you shouldn't really come out here."

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