Unclaimed Cash is family affair

Unclaimed Cash is family affair

When we say it pays to watch Unclaimed Cash on Live 5 News, we mean it!  More than $7600.00 later, Allen McFarland and his family know this firsthand.

We called his dad's name back in September. Turns out, there was money for his deceased dad, his mom, and for him too.

So keep looking for your name, click the link below or call the State Treasurer's Office. Good luck!!!

Unclaimed Cash - October 20, 2014

NAME                                                                PROPERTY ID #

David L. Lightweis - Murrells Inlet                                  651184

Chrisey P. Barr - Kingstree                                             2198228

Harold Cluka - Charleston                                              1036586

Margaret L. Bauserman - Edisto Beach                         1525920

Feaster Ashley - Walterboro                                           1033124

Clifford W. Stack, Jr. - Summerville                               1448781

Wendy Cocola - Hilton Head Island                                1523572

Michael Roth - Bluffton                                                   1421663

Alestine Scott - Kingstree                                                2705868

Clela A. Brown - Mount Pleasant                                    1034949

To claim your money at the State Treasurer's Office, click the link:


You may also call the State Treasurer's Office at 803-737-4771.

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