Berkeley Co. Council votes to send letter to Gov. Haley

VIDEO: Berkeley Co. Council votes to send letter to Gov. Haley over GenEarth plant


Tonight, Berkeley County Council voted to send a letter to Governor Nikki Haley after residents and council members continued to complain about the smell from the GenEarth Energy plant and the lack of help from DHEC.

"If that plant was making noise or was flashing bright lights out, or it's doing something that could be recorded, this would be resolved already but you can't record smell," Councilman Timothy Callanan said. "You can only describe it and I don't think they're getting it."

"I first started with DHEC," Katherine Sellers, who lives across the street from GenEarth, said. "I went so far as to call someone named Wendy with the EPA in Washington and I got nowhere...We contacted local politicians...I've sent letters to Larry Grooms twice.

"It smells like wet, burning, baby diapers," Sellers said. "I have had guests here in my house and on my front porch say they had to go home because they couldn't take the smell anymore."

She and her husband moved into their retirement home in Berkeley County in 2012, just six months before the plant.

"Our understanding was that they would be creating power for about 500 homes," Sellers said. "We weren't told anything initially about how that power would be created"

Sellers says she and her neighbors will continue to push DHEC or anyone who will listen to help shutdown GenEarth or at least make the odor go away.

County Council invited GenEarth to tonight's meeting but no representatives for the company attended.

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