Users reveal 10 most annoying things on Facebook

Users reveal 10 most annoying things on Facebook

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Facebook users are quick to speak out about the things they find most annoying on the social media service.

Here, in no particular order, are 10 of the most annoying things Facebook users say they encounter.

1. Game Invites and Requests

This one seems nearly unanimous, especially when it comes to certain well-known games like FarmVille. But it depends on who is on the receiving end of the request.

"I don't care about your games! You like them! You play them," Joseph Melton said.

2. Mysterious Status Updates

"Cryptic posts that beg for the 'what's wrong' or 'what happened' responses that always gets the 'inbox me' reply," are high on the annoying scale for Dana Claire.

The tech website Mashable calls it "Vaguebooking." They're those strange posts that say something without saying anything at all.

"I should have known better." "So over it." "Never, ever again."

Some Facebook users say it's all about trying to get too much attention. That outpouring of advice such posts often inspire can be a problem, too.

"As a counselor, I think there is an overwhelming amount of advice that is posted and shared that confuses people," Marquita Williams said. "Everyone is trying to advise others on how to live. Its an overload."

3. The Humblebrag

Some dictionaries define the "humblebrag" as comments that are self-deprecating on the surface, but are clearly intended to show off.

It's one thing to brag about your life, but it can quickly turn annoying for fellow Facebook users when someone tries to disguise the bragging under a cloak of false modesty.

An example of bragging might be telling your Facebook friends that you had the chance to test drive a new sports car. The humblebrag equivalent might be mentioning you absentmindedly lost track of the time during the test drive and you nearly missed to your first-class flight to Paris.

4. Marketing and Advertising

Though businesses and entrepreneurs alike are recognizing the power of social media, many users feel inundated by commercials.

"I can't stand people trying to sell you something when your on here just to socialize," David Guy said.

5. Tagging People in Photos and Status Updates They're Not In

For some Facebook users, being tagged in a photo of a scenic location they've never even visited is annoying. Some users also tag people when they go to the gym, even if the people being tagged weren't there.

Why? It may be to make sure those people see (via a Facebook notification) that their friend actually went to the gym.

But some users say that possibility does little to ease their frustration.

6. Mundane Status Updates

Some people don't want to know every detail of your life.

"People that have to post pics of their dinners/ lunches, how many loads of laundry they did," can be annoying, Michelle Combahee said.

For some, the kind of activity being mentioned can be a problem.

"People that think they have to post pics always with alcohol involved!" Cynthia Reyburn said.

"I don't care to see what all my friends have 'liked' and sometimes even articles pop up that my friends have commented on. When I see some of said comments, I usually question my friendship with said person. Some are just vulgar," Kelly Barnes said.

7. Sharing Posts from Your Other Social Media Accounts

Some Facebook users are also on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and FourSquare. It may be one thing to bombard those communities with your content, some users say, but keep the different accounts separate.

What works on one doesn't always work on another.

Your Instagram following may want to see every picture you post, for example. Your Facebook friends? Not so much.

8. TMI Posts

TMI is internet-speak for "too much information," and some users say TMI is sometimes over the top.

Airing dirty laundry of other people, constant relationship updates, even sordid details of romantic moments can become old pretty quickly, particularly for people who aren't in relationships.

The frustration they feel might best be summed up with the phrase, "Get a room!"

9. Urban Legends & Chain Letters

These kinds of posts rely on people sharing them to their friends and pressuring their friends to keep the sharing going.

Sometimes, stories are clearly false, but that doesn't stop the sharing.

"Stories that are debunked by fact checks or can be easily debunked by them," are one type of post Morrenin Byars said makes her list.

Similarly, Val Swabb says it gets annoying "when people think the satire websites are real and share the articles."

10. Political & Religious Rants

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course. But some on Facebook think their friends are a bit too vocal at times.

For some, it's not necessarily what's being expressed, but the way it's being expressed.

"Bigotry, homophobia, racism, and hate... usually from the very folks tasked with loving their neighbors as they love themselves," Meg Ross said.

Sometimes the posts can lead to meaningful discussions. But we've all seen them quickly degenerate into name-calling and profanity-laced diatribes that may even violate the site's Community Standards.

Facebook, which celebrated its 10th birthday in February, says it has more than 1.2 billion users worldwide. With that many people, there are surely less annoying people out there somewhere if you're truly fed up with the people currently in your friend list.

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