School sales tax referendum supporters make final pitch

School sales tax referendum supporters make final pitch

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - Supporters of a referendum to extend a one-cent sales tax to pay for school construction made their final push to voters Thursday morning.

The Yes 4 Schools campaign says keeping the sales tax alive will generate $500 million to construct new schools and renovate others in Charleston County for the next six years.

Supporters saying the end of the line for schools superintendent Nancy McGinley should not stop the process.

"Regardless of anything going on operationally, nothing changes that our schools are overcrowded and our students need better facilities across the entire county," Yes 4 Schools chairman Patrick Bryant said.

"Our children in Charleston County deserve world class schools. They're world class kids and we're in a competitive economy and this region needs the best schools possible," Charleston Mayor Joe Riley said.

Some folks who voted absentee agreed with the mayor.

"Because we need schools," voter Sandi Archambault said. "We need to help the educational system in the state of South Carolina."

"I think it's important that the tax money go in the right way and I think that's a good proposal," voter Nancy Burrows said.

It's a proposal the Yes 4 Schools campaign says will cost taxpayers big time if it fails at the ballot box.

"If this doesn't pass then we could look at a significant increase in property taxes to address this overcrowding issue," Bryant said.

The question will be on the ballot with the list of the projects for all voters in Charleston County.

If the sales tax extension is approved, it will pay for school construction projects through the year 2022.

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