Isle of Palms City Council discusses paid parking plan

Isle of Palms City Council discusses paid parking plan

Thousands of people visit Isle of Palms every summer, but its city council is still figuring out where to allow them to park.

At a special meeting Monday night, the council discussed a plan that would allow residents to buy a pass for the season, month, or day.

The council was in favor of a plan to have different parking zones, but had concerns about whether SCDOT would allow that plan. The board agreed residents should get free parking passes, but is working out how many show be given out and whether to use stickers or a system where license plates would be registered.

After the meeting, the mayor admitted, there's still a long way to go to get a formal plan together.

"We have the skeleton," Mayor Dick Cronin said. "We don't have any flesh on the bones, so it'll be into the next year before we have a detailed approved plan that council can vote on."

The council will meet again on November 14 at 3 pm to discuss the plan.

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