One-cent transportation tax to reappear on ballot in Berkeley County

VIDEO: One-cent transportation tax to reappear on ballot in Berkeley County

MONCKS CORNER, SC (WCSC) - Residents along one of Berkeley County's unpaved roads are hoping their neighbors will vote Tuesday to extend the one-cent transportation sales tax another seven years.

Robert Davis has lived on Heyward Lane in Moncks Corner for eight years. It's one of 58 roads in Berkeley County in need of paving. Davis says children can't play outside because of the dust kicked up by cars and trucks.

"You let it go like four days or five days without rain, it is gray. The whole area, all up on the side of the road, the trees, everything is gray."

He says he and his neighbor put down small pebbles in front of their homes to minimize the issue.

Davis says he has been going back and forth with county officials for years. He says he has always been told there isn't enough money in the budget.

According to county engineer Frank Carson, the transportation tax has generated $95 million since 2008 and is expected to generate another 40 million. He says, while he can't predict Tuesday's outcome, people appreciate convenience.

"A big part of it is safety," says Carson. "Another is quality of life and then the economics, both on a personal level, wear-and-tear on vehicles, lost time, commuting time."

Even though Heyward Lane is just three-tenths of a mile long, Davis says getting it paved would be the end of a very long road.

"It would be a big deal because all of us have been wanting this for some time. So, we hope and pray that it really comes to pass because we need it done. We need it done now."

Along with the 59 paving projects on the referendum, are larger projects like improvements to the interchange at Highways 52 and 176 and the continued widening of Clements Ferry Road. If extended, the transportation sales and use tax will go through 2023.