Report: Man threatens to dress up in 'Walking Dead' outfit, shoot stray dogs

Report: Man threatens to dress up in 'Walking Dead' outfit, shoot stray dogs

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Officials with the Mount Pleasant Police Department say they are investigating after a man reportedly wrote in an email that he would be dressing up as a character from a horror television series and shoot dogs who wandered onto his property.

The investigation stems from an incident on Nov. 1 when officers responded to a home on Wingo Way and spoke to a man who said his dog had been shot in the ribs with a BB gun on Oct. 30.

The victim said his son notified him of their pet's injury, and told him the dog was bleeding and not doing well. According to the victim, an x-ray showed a pointed projectile in the dog's rib cage area.

The victim told officers he was informed by a neighbor of an email from a man who said he had shot three dogs who had entered his yard and garage to eat his dog's food. A police report states the email was sent out two hours after the victim found his dog bleeding.

The email reportedly stated that since dogs were on his property, the suspect would take action until it stopped, and would be locking his garage door "making it harder for a owner to retrieve their dog."

According to the email, the suspect said he would now feed his dog at specific times, then fill the bowl with Halloween chocolates.

Police say the email then stated the suspect had "dusted off" a "Jack's Red Ryder pellet gun," and a perimeter had been established in his backyard which was visible from his balcony.

The suspect said in the email that he was a "huge fan of the Walking Dead" TV show, had a "Rick Grimes" deputy outfit and stated that "after consuming a belly full of hershey's your dog will easily resemble a zombie."

A police report states the suspect wrote that if police were called, he would say he was protecting his property, and he would be wearing a deputy outfit "so they will just think I am one of them anyway."

Investigators say at the end of the email, the suspect wrote that he shot three dogs and one was full of chocolate and was "the easiest to hit." According to the email, the suspect said it was "highly entertaining" to workers who were apparently working on the man's tub upstairs during the incident.

Police say the suspect did not sign the email with his own name, but signed it "Rick," a character from the "Walking Dead."

The victim told officers that he contacted the suspect who told him that he did not shoot his dog, and when the victim told him he would be contacting police, the suspect said, "Go ahead."

When officers went to the suspect's home and asked him if he had sent the email, the suspect said he sent the email and further reported that he had neighbors' dogs come into his garage to eat his pet's food.

After officers asked the suspect if he had a BB gun, the man said yes and showed officers a black BB assault rifle with a .177 caliber BB engraved on the side.

Investigators say when officers asked the man if he had shot any dogs, the man said he had not. A police report states the man also denied feeding chocolate to anyone.

Authorities say they also spoke to the contractor working at the suspect's home who told them that he had subcontracted the work to another crew, and gave the contact information to officers.

The suspect has not been charged in the incident.

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