Charleston Cup making final preparations

Charleston Cup making final preparations

HOLLYWOOD, SC (WCSC) - More than 15,000 people are expected at The Charleston Cup this weekend and while final preparations are underway now, the event takes nearly a year to plan.

"We actually start on the site here about 10 days out with the tents and the set up, but it's a year round deal," Karl McMillan, the Charleston Cup's race director said.

McMillan has been running the event since it started 21 years ago.

"Years ago it was more of a open tailgate party that you'd see at a football game but the corporate component of this has grown quite a bit of the years," McMillan said.

The track is a mile long with five four-foot high jumps. McMillan says while the race is part of the national circuit, there's much more going on.

"Obviously the big hats and bow ties, everyone loves to see that, but if you just want to come out for a nice afternoon, and sit on the blanket with your kids," McMillan said.

People have used tents scattered around the infield for years, but this is the first time the event is selling them right next to the track.

"We call it the home stretch and it's sold out, so what we'll do next year is continue that into the first turn," McMillan said.

The festivities officially kick off Friday night with the Charleston Cup ball. Tickets for that event benefit My Sister's House. Tickets for the race can be bought on the Charleston Cup site.

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