Local fire department changes wording on sign after criticism

Local fire department changes wording on sign after criticism

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - After receiving criticism from a high school, a Berkeley County fire department has replaced a sign mentioning a local football rivalry.

On Thursday afternoon, a sign outside of the Goose Creek Rural Fire Department read, "Knights have a drug problem. Drug all over the field." The sign refers to the high school football game between the Goose Creek Gators and the Stratford Knights on Friday night.

Fire Chief Michael Haines says the fire department has used the sign in the past to show messages of support to area teams.

But after the principal of Stratford High School contacted him and expressed concern over the sign, Haines says he changed the phrasing immediately.

"We were using [the word 'drug'] as a verb, not as a noun," he says. "There wasn't anything to mean that anybody at Stratford has a drug problem."

On Friday evening, the sign was changed to read, "Knights have a Gator problem. Gatored all over the field."

"We didn't mean to offend anybody and I hope we didn't," Haines said. "If we did, I apologize to them deeply."

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