Former CCSB member explains decision to appoint CFO as acting superintendent

VIDEO: Former CCSB member explains decision to appoint CFO as acting superintendent

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - A former Charleston County school board member shares the reason behind choosing the district's chief financial officer as the acting superintendent. In an 8-1 vote, Michael Bobby was appointed to the position following Dr. Nancy McGinley's resignation last week.

Chief financial officer Michael Bobby is now acting superintendent over a district that educates almost 50,000 students. However, his appointment did not come without controversy.

"We've had a lot going on, and we would just like the district to settle," says former Charleston County school board member Elizabeth Moffly. "Nothing has really changed. Everybody still has their job, just the leadership has changed that answers to the board."

Moffly, who did not seek re-election, says the school board is looking at a more "business-oriented" model of leadership similar to universities and colleges.

"Their presidents have been judges, retired legislators, business people who get out in the community, are active in the community, promote the best interest of the university, and I feel that's the same for the school district."

Moffly says CCSD invests half-a-billion-dollars in education. She says board members overwhelmingly felt that Bobby was the right fit.

"It's about who do you think is most qualified for that position and what do you think the skill set is needed to be a CEO, and we felt at this time, within our organization that CEO-type skill set, organizational model would be our CFO."

State Representative Wendell Gilliard does not agree. In a letter he sent October 31 to the board's chair, he said the district's chief academic officer, Dr. Lisa Herring, should have been tapped to fill the position. McGinley held that post before she was appointed in 2007.

A search for the next superintendent has not begun. Board member Michael Miller says they hope to permanently fill the position by August 2015.