Live 5 News Investigates: Tracking your kids online

VIDEO: Live 5 Investigates: Tracking your kids online

Most parents are likely to agree that it's a challenge keep up with our highly connected kids. They're often one step ahead.

Following her own mother's footsteps, Sydney Butler has a daily routine that includes meeting her kids at school.

But the parenting concerns for Butler seem far greater than her mother's.

"We're one of the first generations trying to raise kids in this type of digital world," Butler says. "Every time you turn around there's something new or something different and the kids will know about it just like that and you feel you're light years behind."

Butler tells her kids there are lots of scary things in that digital world. So she sets limits and keeps tabs on their connections.

"It's not that you can't always rely on your kids to be honest," Butler says, "but you have to be able as a parent to know what they're doing and where they're going on the web."

And the challenges are ever changing, so Butler turns to the web herself, and a mom's Facebook group where other moms share what works for them. Suggestions include:

"It's like the Wild West all the time you just don't know how to get your hands around's scary," she says.

It's up to parents to decide how to monitor their kids. Experts say it's important to talk with your kids and tell them it's not a matter of trust, but instead one of safety.

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