Mt. Pleasant mayor hits on highs and lows in first state of the town speech

Mt. Pleasant mayor hits on highs and lows in first state of the town speech

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Mayor Linda Page gave her first state of the town address Tuesday night. She hit on Mount Pleasant's highs and lows since she took office last November.

Page was elected after serving on town council for four years. She says her priority is building up the town's infrastructure and maintaining that which exists.

"It is my responsibility as your mayor to defend this community against perceived threats, both internal and external. That is why I'm designating the widening of Highway 41 as the town's top legislative priority."

While funding for the expansion of Highway 41 does not exist, Page says she will be calling on the state legislature to make the project happen. She says the town's revenue is limited, and that's why town council recently made a tough but necessary call.

"We took a bold stance in approving a three-mill increase for infrastructure, the first millage increase in nearly 20 years of the town…to some this was an unpopular decision, but for those who took the time to understand the need for the increases, this was a warranted decision and one that will protect our community for the long term."

Discussion over Mt. Pleasant's growth has been perhaps the most contentious dominating many council and committee meetings. Page says town officials are very aware of their constituents' concerns.

"We can manage growth, and we can do a better job of managing growth, but we can't stop it nor should we."

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