N. Charleston mayor: Officers taking action after spike in shootings

North Charleston mayor says officers are taking action after spike in shootings

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - In the wake of six shooting incidents in his city over four days, North Charleston's mayor says his police department is taking notice and action.

Mayor Keith Summey says officers are targeting the neighborhoods where the shootings happened.

Summey says Wednesday night's shooting on Gaynor Avenue near East Montague was a little too close to home.

"Last night two cars are shooting at each other. It's crazy and I could hear the shots from my house," Summey said.

In some of the shootings bullets flew outside homes. In some of the other incidents shots were fired into cars.

Wednesday afternoon, a robber fired a shot at the SS Food Mart on Remount Road.

Tuesday, a man was shot outside the Clarion Hotel on Dorchester Road.

Later that evening, two men were shot on Osceola.

We talked to Danielle King who lives on that street.

"We gotta stop the violence sooner or later down the line because if we don't stop the violence, we're all gonna end up dead," King said.

I also spoke to a woman who lives on Harvey Avenue where an 11 year old boy was shot on Sunday.

"I'm not because I'm a woman of God. Everybody has a number," Deidre Taliaferro said.

Mayor Summey says most of the shootings in North Charleston are done by men under 30 years of age.

"A lot of our homicides and our shootings are by people who were in jail and got out and they did retaliation. Parents, know where your children are. Don't overlook the things you see going on. Deal with it because if not, you can end up losing them."

Taliaferro agrees.

"Crime is everywhere. Just like I said it starts from home. The fathers need to be more in the home."

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