Tech company asking public to envision themselves as mayor of Charleston

Tech company asking public to envision themselves as mayor of Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Charleston mayor Joe Riley has made it clear he won't be in the running for another term.

Since then a few web sites have been popping up asking your opinion on candidates, and the future of Charleston.

A new software company is wanting to know what you would do if you were mayor.

Architect and software company CEO Whitney Powers is the co-founder of If You Were

"I believe there is a lot of interest in shaping how this city's future is going to be," said Powers.

The web site will be ready for the public in a few days.

Powers said, "The exciting thing for us is that the more we've worked on it and we've worked on it a year, we haven't found anything quite like it."

Powers helped create If You Were Mayor dot com because she wants to be involved.

The plan is to encourage collaborations online between people, businesses and non-profit organizations.

"What can we all agree will have a positive impact on livability in Charleston," said Powers.

Powers says the web site doesn't support any candidate in particular. She's just hoping the questions and feedback from the site become useful information for the next mayor.

Powers said, "I'm not sure that the next mayor is necessarily going to have the same capacity for visioning that Joe Riley has had."

After four decades in office, Mayor Joe Riley won't be running again.

Powers says that's why the community must make their voices heard now more than ever.

"We sometimes sort of feel like we're in a culture of "no", but I tend to think that we have a potential to be a culture of we can do this," said Powers.

Powers plans on sharing all of the feedback with the next mayor.

She will launch the web site in other cities if it is successful here in Charleston.

If You Were is expected to ready by Monday.