Mom: Teacher's lesson may have saved son's life

VIDEO: Mom: Teacher's lesson may have saved son's life

PINELLAS PARK, FL (CBS) - The life of a Florida fifth grader may have been saved by a simple lesson from his teacher.

The lesson plan involved teaching students to locate and check their own pulse, but 10-year-old Tashawn Roberts couldn't find his pulse. So his teacher, Michelle Digman, tried to help.

"He says, 'Well, I feel something else,'" Digman said. "He felt around, there was a lump there."

Digman sent Roberts home with what his family says was a life-changing homework assignment: to show the lump to his parents.

"To feel the lump, it felt so small," Roberts' mom, Teyosha Pippen said. "When the doctor did an MRI, it showed it was the size of a golfball."

Roberts was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after a specialist discovered the lump was an aneurism about to rupture.

Photos show Roberts smiling post-surgery, after spending a week in a hospital bed. And his family says he's feeling better.

"The other plus side," Roberts says, "I got to play a lot of video games."

"Had it not been for her teaching them, God knows what would have happened," Pippen said.

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