Years after Charleston woman, four children murdered, surviving son spearheads domestic violence training

??Years after Charleston woman, four children murdered, surviving son spearheads domestic violence training

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Christan Rainey is determined to be more than just another sad story.

In 2006, Rainey lost his entire family to domestic violence.  His mother and four brothers and sisters were each murdered in their home.

Christan is the only surviving member of his family.

He wasn't home.

"Either I can sit around with this story and not do anything and it can be just another sad story, or I can take it, and do something with it, and prevent it from happening from somebody else."

For Christan, domestic violence makes him mad.

Real M.A.D.

Now a city fireman in North Charleston, Rainey is also founder of the non-profit organization, Real M.A.D., or Men Against Domestic Violence.

It's a grassroots organization, striving to provide domestic violence education, awareness, and prevention, a charge he's now bringing to the North Charleston Fire Department.

With the approval of City Fire Chief Greg Bulanow, and support of his crew members, Rainey now leads a department-wide domestic violence training.

The new training is designed to lower the risk of a domestic violence incident within their own homes.

"It has a lot to do with the stresses of the job and the way our schedule works," he said.

Firefighters took part in an open dialogue, discussing the language and perception of manhood.

Rainey worked to debunk popular sayings, "real men don't cry," and "man up," while also educating his colleagues on the severity and frequency of domestic violence in South Carolina.

Numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest more than 12 million men and women are victims of physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner.

On average, that breaks down to 24 people every minute.

Rainey says, as first responders, fireman also respond to a lot of domestic violence calls.

According to North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey, nearly 70% of the calls to the city's fire department are EMS-related.

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