Long standing weather record may be broken

Long standing weather record may be broken

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - There's a long standing weather record that may be broken Tuesday night. The Live 5 weather team predicts temperatures could drop to as low as 25 degrees in North Charleston tonight.

On November 19, 1949, it dropped to 27 degrees at the Charleston International Airport. On this day back in 1949, the weather was eerily similar.

The News and Courier's weather forecast reported clear and sunny skies.

The newspaper projected the evening temperatures would sink into the 30s and that many residents to wake up to frost.

The next morning, it did just that. November 19, 1949 hit a record low of 27 degrees.

While the weather then and now may be strikingly similar, many things are very different.

According to archives at the Charleston County Public Library, the mayor at the time was William McG. Morrison. The President of the United States was Harry S. Truman.

The hot car on the market? Ford. They came out with a new car with a V-8 engine

It seemed to be a popular town for fine dining even back then. However, in their '49 edition, Holiday Magazine warned that eating out in Charleston was pricey - at minimum $1.50.

Candy bars? Cost you five cents.

Holiday Magazine also said whiskey was the drink of choice in Charleston, contrary to the popular Southern cocktail called the Mint Julep.

The Gibbes Art Gallery, called that at the time, and Dock Street Theatre were the hot spots for entertainment in town.

The movie All the King's Men won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1949.

Even back then, Charleston was attractive to visitors, though - maybe not as accepted.

The Forum publication said "The tourists are welcome but not wanted."

Edward Twig wrote of Charleston in the 40s:

"Look at this place - where time stands still, where the past lives on in the present, unchanged and unchanging."

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