Cold weather affecting outdoor workers

Cold weather affecting outdoor workers

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Tuesday was the coldest day since January 25, with temperatures getting down to 25 degrees.

Some people said they enjoyed the weather

"Today is a perfect beautiful day," Tom O'Donnell, who moved to Charleston from Vermont last month, said. "Sunny, bright sun, nice cool air. Can't beat it."

"I like it," Lynn Chiappone, who lives in Charleston, said. "It's sunny and bright. It's nippy but it's invigorating."

For those working outside, the weather wasn't as welcome.

"It's a little chilly today," Johnas Adajar, who works as a contractor, said. "Some days it's a little too cold and you have too much on, then you start working, then you got to take a layer off, then you start sweating, then you got to put another layer on. It's so confusing."

"Working outside, you got to dress warm," Robert Pettaway said. "See, I'm bundled down with the jacket and hat so other than that, it's good, though fresh air."

Although, they agreed it could be much worse.

"We get through it," Adajar said. "It's only two months out of the year it's really cold and unbearable and you kind of work a little slower, but it gets done."

"It's not snowing," Pettaway said. "Cold is fine but no snow."

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